The Vet App is a custom app that is complety branded to your hospital giving your hospital the tools needed for clients to communicate, make appointments, and much more, right from their phone anywhere, anytime.

Custom Splash Screen


Custom Action Page


Editable App Menu


Unlimited Pet Pix


Multiple Custom Forms


app access


Convenience, convenience, convenience!

Your Hospital… in the palm of your client’s hands

Tap to call, tap for directions, tap for appointments and so much more!

Your hospital will be available whenever your clients need you, day or night. 24 / 7 / 365.

app icon


Super valuable real estate.

Your hospital’s app icon will be on your client’s phone screen right where they can access it just about anytime and anywhere.

One tap and you’re there.


Easy access = More appointments.

Clients request a hospital appointment, re-order medications, request a boarding schedule or set-up a grooming date right from the app.

You can view the request instantly with desktop alerts, through your email or in your forms archive. These alert options allow you to reach your client right after they submit a form while they are ready to communicate and act.

mobile landing page


One page | Everything you need

Even if you already have a mobile version of your site, consider using your mobile landing page to give your clients an optimal – one page – experience.

One page clients use to tap to call, tap for directions, request appointments, re-order meds, get emergency information, check your business hours, go to your pet portal, visit your website and more.

One short page. Everything they need.

push notifications


Available from your app with one tap.

It does not matter what Pet Portal your hospital uses, your hospital’s app will give clients immediate access with a tap of a button.

Easy access = More viewers = Greater reach

pet pix


Your clients market your hospital for you… while having fun!

People love to take pictures of their pets. Pet Pix are fun and funny photo frames built right in to your app. Choose a frame, take a picture. Send to friends and family, post to your social networks, submit to your vet. Fun for the whole family.

Every time someone posts or sends a Pet Pix, your hospital’s contact information is included. Viral marketing for veterinarians!

social networks for veterinarians


Keep clients up to date through your social networks readily accessible right in your app.

Your app will give your clients access to all of your social networks in one place. Your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. at their fingertips anytime they want.

Easy access = more viewers = greater reach

custom buttons


Create what you need easily on your app.

Add as many action buttons as you want! These buttons do many things from bringing up forms, showing business hours, linking to your website, showing emergency information and more.

You can add what you want to your app. You can add, edit or delete action buttons in real time from your online admin. Feel the Power?

push notifications


Post, publish, push. Communicate instantly.

Push Notifications. Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Push notifications arrive on your clients phones within seconds; no matter where in the world they are (cell access required).

Seriously folks, Push Notifications are a great way to update clients on important information. Your message is delivered directly to their phone faster than a speeding bullet.

vet emergency information


Be there when they need you.

When an emergency occurs, people will grab their phone to call your clinic… that’s why your emergency information has to be handy, right there on their phone.

Tap, tap. Hello?

Emergency information available when and where your clients need it.

vet app alert


Increase response time, increase results & increase client satisfaction.

When a client submits a form, Vet App Alert will immediately show a message on your computer desktop allowing you to call that customer right away while they are ready to communicate.

No more checking email every few minutes for client contacts, appointments and medication refill requests.

app stores


Reach educated, affluent and motivated clients.

Your hospital’s app in the app stores. Young, educated and affluent… these are the clients that will find your app in the app stores.

“Americans used smartphone and tablet apps more than PCs to access the Internet last month – the first time that has ever happened.” – CNN Money | Feb 2014

People will download a vet app a whole lot more often than they will replace a vet app. Be first to market. Call today. 1.877.282.4840


Custom Branded to Your Hospital

Your hospital’s app.

Your clients will see this as your hospital’s app. As an efficient, fun and convenient way to do business with your hospital.

Everything in the app is focused on your hopital. You control what is shown and what is seen.



Manage it yourself.

No need to re-submit your app to the app stores and wait for approval to make changes. Unlike many app solutions, to make internal changes to your app, you can log in to your hospital’s admin and change information and graphics on your own. The changes show up instantly, in most cases.

You can post news page articles and send push notifications, you can manage your forms, add pet pix, edit app menu items, and a lot more all from your online administration.

vet app


Built specifically for the veterinary industry.

This is not a re-purposed app from some other industry. It’s not a white label solution. This app has been built from the ground up for the veterinary industry.

Built from experience. This means no short-cuts or compromises. The needs of the veterinary hospital has been the driving force in building every feature in this app.

mobile evolution


Stay ahead of the game.

In a universal view, the Vet App instantly appeared fully evolved. In a modern day human’s perspective, it has evolved admirably over the past couple of years.

This will continue so your hospital’s app is always the latest and greatest app available to your clients.



Custom Apps

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Check out a few of our videos for more information on our app for veterinary hospitals.



Custom Apps

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Pet Pix | Viral Marketing for Veterinary Hospitals

Pet Postcards


Your Clients Will Enjoy Marketing Your Practice for You!!

Love People Love Pet Postcards Photo sharing of pet photos is huge and only trending upwards. Pet postcards enhances the pet photo experience and gives people a reason to share their photos as postcards with friends and family… all with your clinics info included.
Love Digital Word of Mouth Your clients market your practice for you… Naturally. Your clients will be able to send postcards by email, post them to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. Every postcard sent includes critical information about your hospital along with links to download your app.
Love Your Practice Can Add Your Own Postcard Templates Postcard templates are not difficult to create which allows your practice to create your own postcard templates for all of your clients. If you do not have a Photoshop educated employee, ask your local high school student. Pet postcards are fun and easy to make.
Love Postcards for Holidays and Events Real time updates allow you to add postcards for specific holidays and events. When the time is up, the online admin allows you to hide them from view until they are needed again.
Love Postcard Admin Included You manage your postcard templates through an online admin. This allows you to add, edit and delete postcards in real time. This includes the many supplied postcards plus the ones you create yourself.
Love UNLIMITED FREE DOWNLOADS Whoever receives postcards from you and your clients can download the app for free. Whether it’s a client or a referral, there is no charge to download your app.


Custom Apps

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